Creating an Effective Georgia Tech Essay


EdTech is not only about technologies used in class, but also about those specialists who advance the industry. Having a strong technological background is a necessity if you are willing to better understand, and consequently, advance educational technologies. If you are looking for a strong start in EdTech you may consider Georgia Tech Institute as one of the best tech schools in the county. However, you will need to master their essays first! 

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech as it is affectionately known, is one of the top institutions of higher learning in the Southern part of the United States. The school is famous for its courses that are related to technology.

With an enviable location right in the center of historic Atlanta, Georgia Tech is known for being a highly selective school and in fact, its admission rate in 2017 was only 23%. That highlights the need for a good application in order to get in. While your academic performance and extracurricular activities will have their usual weight when your application is considered, the admission officers will also look at your application piece.

Those essays are the best means that they have for measuring you as a person and if you will fit in. It’s crucial that you spend time polishing your essays and see it as just as important as the other components of your application.  

Crafting an Effective Essay

Both the Common Application and Coalition Application  are used by Georgia Tech. On top of those two, applicants are required to answer the Short Answer Question. Your answer to that question is meant to measure your skill when it comes to writing. More importantly, your written piece will be a tool to learn who you are as a person. The essays will be a way for the admission officers to measure if you are going to be a good fit for the school and also what you can contribute.

What They Want to See in Your Essay

Perhaps the most helpful thing that you can learn right now is what the admission officers are looking for when they go through your essays. They will be grading your essay based on the writing style, of which grammar is an important part.

Your writing should:

  • Demonstrate authenticity
  • Bring you to life for the reader
  • Be exceptional in the choice of subject and grammar
  • Show a keen awareness

When writing your essay, try to sound as natural as you can. Do not pretend. If your essay ends up being inauthentic, the evaluators might take that against your application. Just be yourself and write about how you really feel. 

Writing Your Essay

For 2020, Georgia Tech is using  a single prompt for their supplemental essay.  The move gives applicants more time to focus on other aspects of the application process. The writing prompt for this year asks applicants why they chose the school and how they think that choice can prepare them in finding opportunities in their chosen profession.

The essay should not be more than 300 words. The limited number of words mean the answer should be straight to the point and clear without any fluff. The best way to answer is to use your background and the facts that you have on your resume. 

You can structure your essay in this manner:

  • Start by describing your background and your interests
  • Then connect that with your chosen major 
  • Connect those with the available resources of the school
  • End by explaining how the school can get you ready for a career

When writing, it is important to keep its purpose in mind. Aside from using it to measure your writing skills, it is going to be used by the admissions team to know more about you. They want to learn something about your background and the way that you think.

Don’t use the essay to list down your extracurricular activities and all the other information that can be found on your resume. It should be a platform to showcase your actual interests and connect it with your chosen course. So you have to make your choice seem logical.

For example, you can explain that ever since you were a child you have always been fascinated by computers and how they work. You can tell them how you have built your own computers and repaired the ones your family has been using. Now, you can easily connect that with your chosen course if what you have chosen is computer science.

Be Specific

Admissions officers want to learn more about you through your essay so avoid vague statements that do not say anything. You should be specific when writing. A statement like, “students of computer science in Georgia Tech, learn a lot,” is lazy. It can also convey a lack of focus.

The best way to be specific is by using an anecdote to state your interests. When it comes to your interest in computers, for example, you can write about something significant that happened in connection to computers. Maybe you can write about the first time you built your own desktop or how you repaired your father’s laptop.


Use the essay to demonstrate your knowledge of Georgia Tech and your ability to do research. You can mention about the latest breakthrough that has been achieved by the school within your chosen field or some special facility that it has which can help you.

Take the time to learn about the interests of their faculty. If you learn something that has a connection to your interests, then be sure to mention that in your essay. Doing these will show that you really are interested in getting into Georgia Tech.

After Graduation

It should not be a problem if you cannot say for certain what you want to pursue after college. Having a general idea of what you want to do can help. It goes without saying that it should be directly related to the course that you like.

Your essay should introduce you to the admission team and show your passion for getting into Georgia Tech. You have to do that within 300 words. Some students are afraid that they cannot come up with the right words but the real problem is putting in all that you want to say within that limit.

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